How To Start Working Out?

How to start working out

Alright! We all have been through this phase in our lives. Some of us get through it, while others stay behind. This phase is making the decision of finally getting off our couches and move our asses. Some of you may be highly motivated and some of you might not be, but, for every beginner out there, one thought is common,  “How to start working out?” This is exactly what we are going to cover today. From changes you need to make in your diet, to what you should actually do in the gym as a newbie, we will cover it all, but, before we really dive into the main content, everyone should know why you should decide to change your lifestyle and adapt fitness in the first place, eh?

Why should you workout?

Isn’t it obvious that working out, going to the gym, moving your body is going to burn fat and lose weight? Hell yeah, it is, but, there’s far more to it. In fact, the advantages are so many I can create a separate article for that. The first thing you are going to get better before your body is your health. While exercising gets you rid of fat that is bad for you or cut down inches on your waist, it also makes you safer from several diseases. Obesity, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Overstress, and weak joints, you name it! Each and every one of us work daily. We are always looking for opportunities to make our lives better and yes, the answer to that question might be money for a lot of people, but, as a matter of fact, the first step to a better life is better health.

The list does not end here, no! There’s more. With lower stress levels due to consistent exercise, your mood will be better. You’ll feel happier about yourself and what’s going around you. You’ll feel more confident about yourself and you’ll be the best version of yourself every time.

You think working out to impress women is a gone trend? You think ladies won’t get pulled to you when you look better without a shirt? Oh, then get a six-pack,  and check out the answer to this question by going to the beach. Thank me later.

How to set up your Diet?

The first thing when stepping into a fitness routine or just simply adapting to a healthy lifestyle is sorting out what are you going to put in your system daily. While I don’t fully agree with the 70% diet 30% workout rule in order to change your physique, however, I do agree that Diet plays the main role in transforming yourself.

There are some things you need to simply ELIMINATE from your edible list in order to get started.

Yes, junk food and oily foods are on the list of things not to eat, but, the biggest substance you should stop consuming according to my researches and experiences is Sugar. Sugar is your enemy if you want to lose pounds of fat. Sugar is not the silent killer, it is a sweet killer, mark my words! Our brain craves sugar (which we will later cover in another article all about Sugar) while for our bodies, it is the worst thing available. When you eat sweet, your insulin level spikes to the roof, blood sugar rises and majority part of that food you consumed is converted into bad fat and that is not what you want, right?

Now that you have decided to stop eating junk foods or consuming sugar, let’s just jump to the things you need to bring to your kitchen right now.

Chicken, Eggs, Fish, all in all, Lean Protein. Protein is essential for you, not only if you workout or you are an athlete, but, like a normal person in general. Protein is essential to recover your torn muscle fibers, generate specific hormones, and new cells. It will help you build more muscle and while it may not seem like it, but, protein has a main dietary role in burning fat.

After Protein, comes Carbohydrates and Fats. Oats is one of the most famous healthy breakfast worldwide. It also provides you with protein and is easy to digest. I would suggest you stay away from white carbohydrates which are white bread or rice if you have a lot of body fat. If you have an athletic routine and workout hard in the gym, you may be able to get through it when you consume it in moderate amounts.

Fats, on the other side, is extremely vital. Fats are required to produce hormones in your body. One good example is Testosterone which almost all the guys are after these days. Fats also lower blood cholesterol levels and fats such as Omega 3 have shown potential benefits to heart health. However, something to note here is that we are only talking about good and healthy fats over here. These include Nuts, Oils e.g Olive oil, Avocados, Egg yolk, Chia seeds, and the list goes on and on.

Another thing to add to your daily provisions is Veggies and by Veggies, I mean, Green Veggies more than the other ones. Consuming raw vegetables like Carrots, Tomatoes etc is beneficial for your health in many ways, but, raw green vegetables do the real wonders. Vegetables, in general, are loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Green ones carry loads of fibers too which helps you in peristalses which means improved digestion. Also, it adds bulk to your diet and prevents you from constipation. Another fact about of Fiber is that it helps to easily digest your protein and move it inside your blood, improving its absorption rate. How to start working out?

In addition to vegetables, what else? Yes, Fruits! The advantages are many. It is also filled with vitamins and antioxidants. It is also a natural source of sugar which would not harm your fitness goals when consumed in moderation.


What to do in the gym as a beginner and How to start working out?

When you are new to the gym, you can’t just make a split and start lifting heavy right away. You need to build a foundation of your muscles. You need to strengthen them to some extent first and need to make them used to work out. My advice to the best way to start and see results as well as is;

(i) Start with bodyweight exercises

(ii) Do compound movements

Bodyweight exercises include Pushups, Pull-ups, Dips, and Squats in general. Any good gym will have a pull-up and dip bar. For Pushups, you just a few yards of space. Start by doing 5 then progress to 10 and so on. Take it easy. Don’t rush it. You want results. Not injury.

On the other side, compound movements are those exercises which involve multiple joints or more than one muscle at one time. Pushups, Pullups Dips, and Squats mentioned above are all Compound exercises and are extremely vital in order to build strength and burn lots of calories. It’s no beginner exercises, even pro athletes do them, but, on a different intensity scale. If you really want to jump to weights, well, Bench Press, Deadlifts, and Squats are your best friends. Start with very light weights and learn proper technique first. It is the most important part of lifting. Good technique will affect your results tremendously and also, will protect you from injuries.

Exercise techniques and Beginner Workout Routines coming up on this web, very soon.

How to start working out?

A Pro Tip to conclude this topic

When you are going to step inside the gym, you will see people of all levels. Some are going to be new ones, as you while some are going to be senior members repping in 100s of pounds of weight on every exercise. Well, DON’T let your ego get in the way. If you decide to feed up your ego and decide to pick 50 pounds on your first day just because the guy beside you is lifting 45, you are paying a visit to the doctor sooner than you think and all your fitness goals are going in the trash can.

Understand that people who are lifting heavier have been lifting from quite a lot of time. You need loads of development to reach that level. Never ever let your ego come in the way and you will progress a lot better than average people do. If you do let it happen though, I have already told the aftermaths above.

Good Luck!