How To Get Six Pack Abs

How To Get Six Pack Abs

How To Get Six Pack AbsGetting a six-pack is the real hype these days. Our youth is crazy to have a sculpted midsection and for that, they are ready to do anything. However, having a six-pack should not be your main goal. Yes, shredded core and abs look good, but, you should aim for an overall body development and strength gains. Abs are something which will come along the way, but, if you have small weak muscles and six packs, you will still look ugly without a shirt. Lots of myths flow around and people who still believe that doing 1000 a day crunches will get them abs, need to take a serious break. Anyway, its time to throw all the confusions in the trash can and debunk all the myths as we break step by step on How To Get Six Pack Abs.

Well, obviously getting a six-pack requires dedication and hard work. Similar to every other of your fitness goals, getting six-pack will require you to push beyond your comfort zone and workout intensity. However, it is not necessary that you kick out all of your favorite foods and start hitting the gym twice a day, 7 days a week. People who do so are professional athletes and your goals are nowhere similar to theirs. Right planning, correct knowledge, dedication, and discipline will get you there.

(1) Lower down your body fat

As a general thumb rule, your body fat needs to be in single digit if you want your abs to start getting visible. This is by far, the most obvious goal you need to achieve in order to get six packs. If your body fat is around 35-40% and you are doing 10,000 crunches every day, you will never ever get six packs. Having fat is the primary reason that you are not seeing your abs. (Burning off fat is a vast topic in itself and we will cover it in our next article. For this article, we will just run you down through the basics. Stay tuned.)

(2) Do Strength Training

According to my research and knowledge, heavy compound lifts are a faster way to burning fat (which you need to do to get six packs right?) When you do compound movements, you are working more than 1 muscle. This leads to burning off more calories per rep and you burn more calories in your workout than your normal jog. Traditional steady state cardio is a very outdated way to burn fat and you do not burn as much calories than you actually need to be burning. Remember, you must always push out of your comfort zone in order to enter a fat burning or muscle-building zone.

(3) The Right Kind of Cardio to Get Six Pack Abs

If you read the above point and thought to yourself that from now on, you are never stepping on the treadmill again, then stop. I didn’t mean that you should not do Cardio. What I meant is that you should do the right type of Cardio which is HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). HIIT is basically, doing more work at a faster pace in a short amount of time. This elevates your heart rate and creates an oxygen debt inside your body. Faster heartbeats lead to burning of more calories and more energy consumed by the body in order to return to its normal state.

How To Get Six Pack AbsThis further triggers the fat loss process and takes you closer to your Six Pack Abs. HIIT workouts also put your body under the zone of afterburn which means that your body will keep on burning calories 36-48 hours after you have done your workout.


(4) Train Your Abs Correctly

If you are witnessing your body fat going low, then its time to start training your abs to further strengthen the core. Training abs will make them stronger and will make them grow which will increase their visibility. Remember that Six Pack Abs are also muscles and they need to train the same way we train other muscles, with resistance. High volumes of crunches or situps are useless. Try bringing in variations to your ab workouts. Keep them short and fast, just like a HIIT workout.

Leg raises, Planks, Side to Side crunches are one of the best exercises to isolate your Six packs and make them firm. Later, when you’ll move into the advanced stages of your fitness career, you can train them with weights and more advanced exercises.

(5) Eat More Greens

Now we are moving towards the nutrition aspects in order to Get Six Pack Abs. Leafy green vegetables are the best in terms of burning fat and decrease bloating in your stomach. Green veggies contain tonnes of anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins. They detoxify your body and also improves digestion. This is because they carry loads of fiber. Fiber aids in the digestion of the food you ate. It helps in peristalsis and avoids constipation.

Another fact about consuming fiber is that it adds bulk to your diet.  When you eat more fiber, you feel full even if you have not eaten a lot. This helps in lowering down the number of calories you consumed per meal and keeps you well in between the caloric deficit state you need to be in order to burn fat. When you are looking to drop pounds of that weighing scale, green vegetables are going to be your best friend.


How To Get Six Pack Abs

(6) Consume More Protein

If you thought that more intake of protein is necessary for muscle gain only, then again, you are off track. The role of protein is to replace your worn out muscle tissues and help you get rid of DOMS. When you workout intense, even if it’s a HIIT Sprint workout, you will break some muscle fibers and will feel more or less pain later on depending upon the intensity of your workout. This is where the protein will aid to get you rid of the pain and fix your muscles. This will lead you to get back to your workouts stronger and better.

(7) Stay Away From Processed Foods

Processed foods such as chips, cookies are your enemy if you are looking to Get Six Pack Abs. The nutritional value of such foods is zero and they are loaded with bad hormones. These hormones make your metabolism very slow and therefore, stop your fat burning rate. The preservatives used in these foods further inherit your six-pack goals and can create several health problems as well.

(8) Stay Hydrated

Water intake is also very crucial. Regular intake of water removes waste inside the body. It also helps you to get rid of water retention which is the holding of water under the skin. Water keeps your metabolism up and also detoxifies your body. Try drinking at least 3-4 liters per day.

To sum it all up, I believe that fitness goals are more than getting six packs only. Having Six Packs is just a perk of being fit and fitness has a lot more meaning than just solid abs. Fitness is a lifestyle as a whole and everyone should aim for overall body development than just, six packs. However, these tips are definitely going to make your journey easier.

Stay tuned for more articles and keep up the hard work.