How To Burn Fat

How To Burn Fat

If you read our previous, How To Get Six Pack Abs article and are here if you want to learn How To Burn Fat, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will give you the right tips and techniques to burn fat and achieve your goals.

How To Burn Fat

(1) You Can’t Spot Reduce Fat

One thing to keep in mind before starting a fat loss journey is to remember that you cannot spot reduce it. What this means is that you cannot just remove fat from your belly or your arms alone. The burning of fat is an overall process and you cannot target specific areas in your body to get rid of fat from there.

(2) Eating In A Caloric Deficit and How To Burn Fat

Diet is the most crucial aspect when it comes to burning fat. While eating clean and healthy is important, staying in a calorie deficit is the main thing to follow. Being in a calorie deficit means that you should eat fewer calories than your body requires. Let’s just say that your daily calorie requirement is 3000 calories. You can create a deficit by subtracting 200 calories from your calorie requirement and eat 2800 calories per day. I have seen many experts telling people to create a 500 calorie deficit as soon as they start their fat loss journey. This is not a wrong thing to follow, but, in the start, it can get very hard to apply. 500 calorie deficit can often lead to excessive tiredness and nausea among people. Therefore, start with a 200 calorie deficit and work your way up there.

(3) Cut Down On Sugar

Yes. Sugar is your enemy when it comes to burning fat. Consuming Sugar spikes up your insulin levels and leads to an excess of energy being provided to the body. When your body has to deal with an excess of energy, it often stores the extra calories as fat and this is something you do not want. Sugar also lowers metabolism which further alters your fat loss process.

(4) Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is crucial when you want to burn fat. Water intake is necessary not for just burning fat, but, for an overall health betterment. Drinking water increases your metabolism and your digestion rate. The regularity of drinking water enables your body to flush out the water it has been holding (i.e Water Retention). Also, it cleanses your body by flushing out all the toxins and waste materials inside the body. Drinking water empty stomach every morning boosts your metabolism and cleans your colon. Regular intake of water makes it easier for minerals and broken down food particles to move inside the body. This way you recover faster and your muscles can perform to their maximum output next time you hit the gym.

(5) Eat Greens

Green vegetables are one of my favorite consumables in any diet. Whether someone’s goal is to burn fat or build muscle, I highly recommend adding green veggies to your diet. Leafy green vegetables are loaded with tonnes and tonnes of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants detoxify your body and provide several vitamins and minerals to it. Eating green vegetables also make the process of digestion easier as they are full of fiber. Furthermore, they help in an overall health betterment by improving your immune system.

How To Burn Fat

(6) More Protein and More Fat

If you think that eating fats will make you fat, then you are wrong. Gaining fat has nothing to do with the consumption of fat. Yes, there are bad fats, such as processed oils, but, there are good fats as well. Good fats include nuts, cheese or oils, such as fish oil. Fats provide your body with good hormones which are crucial in the growth process of your body. Fats also improve the betterment of your organs such as Heart or Brain.

On the other side, protein intake is a must. Proteins help to replace the worn out muscle tissues inside your body. When you workout, you break muscle fibers and tissues. Protein replaces them and recovers your body to workout again, better and harder.  As a general statement, you need to eat 1g of protein per pound of your body weight.

(7) Do Compound Lifts

Diet is a very important factor in changing your body. However, it is not the only factor. Your training routine and your workout intensity matter a lot.  Try to do as much compound exercises as you can during your workouts. Compound exercises are the exercises which focus on more than one muscle per rep. Doing compound movements burns more calories as you are training more than one muscle at a time. This really helps in burning a max amount of calories per workout. You can also train 2 muscles in a single workout session and burn even more calories.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must train heavy. If your body fat percentage is somewhere about 15-20%, then you should not focus on hypertrophy (building muscle). Train with heavy weights and do strength training. Strength training, in general, is training with such a weight which allows you to do a max of 6 reps. Above 6 reps, you enter the zone of hypertrophy which, as we said, should not be your prime focus at this point. You should also train endurance which is training with a weight which allows you to do more than 12 reps.

Training for endurance with compound exercises will burn even more calories and therefore, will take you closer to your goal of burning fat.

(8) HIIT Cardio

We may be repeating some of the points from our previous article, but, the information is legit. Jogging for 2 hours will never ever take you to the fat burning zone and will only burn a few amounts of calories. On the other side, if you train intense with short interval breaks, your body is going to turn into a calorie burning furnace!

Doing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) triggers the effect of after-burn in your body. The after-burn effect is that your body keeps burning calories after 36-48 hours of your workout. This way you burn lots and lots of calories even when not working out.

A great time to train cardio is when you are in a fasted state. This means that doing cardio workouts on empty stomach or at least 4-5 hours after consuming your meal can really boost your fat burning procedure. This is because when you wake up you have very fewer glycogen reserves in your body. If you go for an intense workout right after waking up, will make your body utilize fat instead of glycogen (from carbohydrates). Using fat directly to provide energy will obviously trigger an even faster fat burning process and will boost up your fat loss speed.

Doing HIIT Cardio workouts 2-3 times per week is a great option to add to your fat burning regimen.

How To Burn Fat

(9) Discipline and Consistency

To wrap it all up, I would say that getting your diet right and workouts proper is important, but, the most important factor is consistency. A very popular saying on the internet says, “The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”. This is true. The most important factor is to stay disciplined and to stick to your plans. Never give up. Results do not come easy.

There are stages when your body may not change at the pace you want it to. Please, do not leave working out. You have to stay disciplined. Remember, that if changing yourself was easy then everyone on this planet would have changed him or herself. Changing your body is a life-long process and requires extreme dedication and willpower. Not giving up is the key and results will follow.