About me!

Hello readers!

This is Furqan, the admin of this blog. I really believe that visitors of my website should know a bit more about me first before they dive into my written content. With that being said, then, I am currently a student (Medical), a footballer and a blogger/content writer. Its been 4 years now since I have been associated to fitness and over the course of these 4 years, not only have I learned the basics and fundamentals of living a healthy life, but, I have coached over 100 clients on a domestic level to reach their dream fitness goals.

As they say, “The process of learning never ever stops”, so it is true that my knowledge in this field of fitness will never be 100% complete, but, for now, I really want to educate my readers and show me the right way towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

Now a days, this thing called “fitness” is mixed up and garnished with so many confusions or queries that people donot know the right path or plan to follow. This highly targets our youth especially who want quick results and are ready to do anything for it. This is the main reason drug abuse is increasing so much in the fitness industry. I want to educate the world, but, most specifically my fellow youngsters that it is not that complicated to lead a healthy life as they think.

So, if that sounds interesting and you are with me into this, well, then stay tuned for latest articles daily on this website and for any question, tip or online coaching, contact me on the Facebook page or simply, dm me on Instagram.

Your author, Furqan 🙂